How to Spot Fake Burberry Scarf

Like This:  
Burberry font: The Burberry font will have certain distinct characteristics.
Below is a correct Burberry font:
* The letters will not be uniform widths. Every letter will have thicker and thinner linear areas.
* The "B" will have a wider/longer bottom loop than top.
* The "U" will have a thicker left line that right.
* The "R's" will have an almost squiggle for a right leg.
* The "E" will have a longer low line/prong that the top and middle prongs.
* The "Y" will have a wider left prong than the right.
Below is an image of an authentic Burberry scarf label:
Real vs Fake
Authentic Burberry Scarf Label
Fake Burberry Scarf Label
Note: Notice the woven authentic label texture compared to the cheaper fake fabric.
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Source From Google Images